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Seviye Tespit Sınavı / Placement Test

İngilizce seviye tespit sınavına girmeden önce, sınav web sitesine kayıt yaptırmanız gerekmektedir. Kayıt işlemi tamamlanmadan sınava girmeniz mümkün değildir. Sınava kayıt yaptırmadan önce, lütfen kayıt talimatlarını dikkatle okuyunuz. Ayrıca, sınav sonuçlarınızı görebilmek için kayıt işleminin tamamlanmış olması gerekmektedir. Kayıt işlemi tamamlanmadan sınav sonuçlarına erişim sağlanamamaktadır.

Hemen Kayıt Yapın.

Sonuçları Gör

#1. Manager: Where’s Mr Davidson? Assistant: Oh, he’s ___ London today.

#2. Amirah: Do you like cats? Chris: No, but there ____ lots of other animals I like.

#3. Andrew: Where ____ Alicia come from? Martin: I think she’s from the United States.

#4. Teacher: Tell me something about your parents, Lucas. Student: My mother and father ____ both very tall.

#5. Ayla: That’s a nice table, Sophie! Is it new? Sophie: Oh no, it’s my ____ old dining table.

#6. Emma: What do you do after school? Chloe: I see my friends. Do you visit people, too? Emma: No, I ____ go out.

#7. Katie: Is Charlotte at school today? Laura: No, she ____ She’s not well today.

#8. Alex: I’d like to make a cake. ____ eggs have we got? Andrea: Three, I think. Let me

#9. Ifrah: Which bus goes to the hospital? Antonia: ___ the 236. It stops outside.

#10. Father: Are we ready to go? Daughter: No, Mum can’t find ____ hat.

#11. Shop Assistant: Can I help you? Customer: Yes, I’d like to buy ____ trousers.

#12. Mother: Where’s that fish I bought? It was on the table. Daughter: Oh no! The cat ____ it

#13. Amanda: I like your new sofa. Fahima: Thanks. It’s ____ comfortable than the other one we had.

#14. Alicia: I’m going to the supermarket. Do you want anything? Peter: Could you get ___ milk, please?

#15. Karina: When do you want to play football? Aniqa: I ____ to play tomorrow, because I don’t need to go to work.

#16. Manisha: What did you do at the weekend? Nicola: I ____ tennis with my friend on Saturday.

#17. Wife: Have we got any cheese in the fridge? Husband: No, we haven’t. I’m ____ buy some this afternoon.

#18. Laura: Where ____ you last Tuesday? I tried to phone you. Beatriz: Oh, I was visiting my grandmother. I didn’t have my phone with me.

#19. Miriam: Are you coming to my party on Tuesday? Brian: I’m really sorry, but I ____ to take my daughter to the airport.

#20. Saif: Why do you like running? Isabella: Because it’s ____ way to keep fit.

#21. Anna: Have you lived here a long time? Stefan: Yes, over 40 years. I know ____ of people in this town.

#22. Josef: Why didn’t you come to the cinema last week? Chloe: I wanted to but I couldn’t. I ____ studying for that test we had on Monday.

#23. Anna: That bird’s on the garden table again. I think it’s hungry. Juliana: Yes, look! It ____ eat the bread we put there.

#24. Sophie: How long ____ married? Ying Yue: Two years. I met my husband when I was working in New York.

#25. David: Have you ___ that new film yet? Susanna: No, I haven’t. We could go on Thursday if you like?

#26. Shop Assistant: Excuse me, please. Could I get past? Customer: Oh, I’m sorry. I’m getting in the way ____ I?

#27. Wife: Advertising is a big business for musicians. Husband: Yes, musicians ____ a lot of money for writing short pieces of music.

#28. Son: Mum, I’d really like a guitar. Can I have one? Mother: OK, but if we buy one you ____ have to practise playing it.

#29. Juliana: Do you like Brazilian coffee? Miriodere: No I don’t, because it’s ____ strong.

#30. Matthew: Would you like anything from the shop? Alicia: Yes, I’d like one of ____ celebrity magazines, please.

#31. Daughter: Mum, my computer is broken again. I really need a new one. Mother: I ____ buy one if we had the money, but it’s not possible right now.

#32. Mother: ____ you packed your suitcase yet? We’re leaving early tomorrow morning. Son: I’ll do it later. It won’t take long.

#33. Lucas: Do you play the piano, Natasha? Natasha: Well, I ____ play when I was younger, but I’m not sure I remember now.

#34. Martina: What did the doctor say about your stomach pains? Padma: He asked me what I ____ for the last two days.

#35. Daughter: Everyone has arrived apart from Pamela. Mother: Don’t worry, she phoned me this morning and said she ____ be a bit late.

#36. Vincent: Did you see the weather forecast? It’s going to be extremely hot this weekend. Pauline: I know, I can’t believe it! It ____ since Monday.

#37. Ameena: What colour are you going to paint the living room? Charlotte: I ____ probably choose something bright, like yellow.

#38. Victor: I’d love to go back in history to see how people lived hundreds of years ago. Simon: Me too! If I ____ choose, I’d probably travel to ancient Rome.

#39. Stephen: The concert was fantastic yesterday. You ___ have come. Yuuto: I know. I wanted to, but I had to work late.

#40. Katie: Would you like to go sightseeing or to the beach this afternoon? Matthew: I don’t mind, I’ll let you decide. Katie: OK, let’s go sightseeing ____ we?

#41. Amanda: It said on the news that the president also owns all the national newspapers. Andrew: That ____ be right! I don’t think that’s true.

#42. Assistant: That meeting was really difficult. What would you have done if you ____ in my position? Manager: Oh, I think you managed it very well.

#43. Natalia: My new smartphone doesn’t seem to work. Katie: Oh dear! Perhaps you should take it ____ and ask for a refund.

#44. Chris: I wish I could be with our cousins … Alison: Me too! By this time tomorrow they ____ on a Greek beach while we’re revising for our history test.

#45. Son: Are you OK, Mum? You don’t seem very relaxed. Mother: I just wish I ____ an aisle seat so that I could get up and walk around more easily.

#46. Nicola: I love this picture, but won’t it cost a fortune? Victor: No, it’s just a copy. The original, ____ is a portrait of the artist’s friend, sold for €4 million!

#47. Laura: I can’t believe how talented this artist was. Emily: I know, it’s amazing. he was almost 90 when he did them, his paintings are beautiful.

#48. Andrea: I want to buy some new shoes for the winter. Shan: Well, I ____ looking for a new pair of boots for weeks, but I can’t find anything I like.

#49. Client: I don’t have much money – just enough to ____ . Accountant: Well, let me suggest a way of helping you save more.

#50. Pablo: In April next year I ___ here for ten years exactly. Alison: Wow! It really doesn’t seem that long.

#51. Student: Is it true that it took Bell and Watson ages to invent the telephone? Teacher: Yes. When they finally succeeded, they ____ on it for about 30 years.

#52. Rachel: This would be a lovely place to sit on a dry day. Natasha: Yes, I know. I just wish the rain ____ .

#53. Student: What’s today’s lesson going to be about? Teacher: Today we’re going to learn about a tribe ____ descendants live in Lima, the capital of Peru.

#54. Andrea: Did your town have a good market? Katie: Yes. When I was young we ___ there every Saturday looking for bargains.

#55. Daughter: Joanna has been really supportive. I’m so lucky to have her as a friend. Mother: Yes. Just think – if you hadn’t sat next to her in class at school, you ___ so close now.

#56. David: Did you see the headline this evening? Nicola: Yes – the Prime Minister was ____ to resign today.

#57. Student: I’m concerned about the chemical test results I’ve just had from the river. Professor: It ____ be a good idea to check the acid levels as well then.

#58. Aamir: They’ve just announced that our train has been delayed. Laura: That’s annoying. We ____ have rushed to get here after all.

#59. Liam: So, your Dad’s got a laptop! Cian: Yes, I bought it for him last year – until then he ____ a typewriter!

#60. Isabella: The flight is fully booked, so I won’t be able to go to Barbados next week. Safia: If you the ticket sooner, you’d have found a seat.

#61. Receptionist: You ____ taken a taxi to the hotel since you arrived so late. Customer: It was OK, actually. There was a direct bus service from the airport.

#62. Sophie: Have they finished interviewing for the manager’s position yet? Rafi: No, but they ____ all the candidates by next Friday.

#63. Athlete: ____ hard I try, I can’t run any faster. Coach: You’ve improved a lot. I wouldn’t worry about it.

#64. Laura: That’s a really beautiful painting. The colours are so vivid. Jeremy: Yes, it’s amazing to think it was lost for years and ____ .

#65. Charlotte: I saw the photos from the film festival. Was that you with the actor from The Hobbit? Niall: Yes, it was! ____ did I imagine I would ever actually meet him.

#66. Pauline: I hear you got soaked on the golf course this morning. Chris: Yes. I wish I ____ listened to the weather forecast.

#67. Laura: How was the meeting? Ricardo: It finished late because Victor didn’t arrive until 5 pm. He told me he ____ been given the wrong directions.

#68. Andrew: I picked up some of that cat food you wanted. Pedro: Oh good. Once to these new cat biscuits, they won’t want to go back to the other stuff.

#69. Antonia: Has your son done well in his exams? Phillip: Yes. Only once ____ he wasn’t sufficiently prepared, but he can take that one again.

#70. Son: I had a bit of a stomach ache this morning. Mother: Oh dear! Well, I did say you ____ eaten that chicken last night.